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As the decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePin) sector matures, Binance Research has pinpointed several pivotal themes for the latter half of 2024. These themes highlight the integration of DePin with traditional infrastructure and Web2 interfaces, the expansion of token utility, and the rise of ownership economy applications. DePin technologies are carving a niche by facilitating

The total crypto market cap (TOTAL) continues to grow, as observed over the last few days. This is followed by Bitcoin (BTC), which is currently above $65,000, inching closer to $67,000. On the altcoin front, Worldcoin (WLD) could be seen leading the brigade owing to a rather seemingly bearish announcement. In the news today:- BlackRock’s

Launch of spot ether ETFs in the U.S. will push the price of the crypto to all-time highs above $5,000, the report said. Bitwise said money flowing into new ether spot ETFs will have a larger impact than it did for bitcoin. Ether spot ETFs are expected to draw in $15 billion of net inflows

Elwood will focus on its trading technology software-as-a-service products and services. Zodia Markets’ $50 million-$60 million a day OTC business expects to “increase daily volumes significantly,” as a result of the deal. 00:54 How Blackbird Brings Dining Experiences On-Chain 00:58 Breaking Down Solana’s Triangle Pattern 02:27 Trump Chooses Pro-Crypto VP Candidate; Kraken Signs Deal With

Traders anticipate bitcoin rallying to $70,000, buoyed by a more optimistic macro environment and the prospect of a crypto-friendly U.S. administration under Donald Trump. Reduced selling pressure from key wallets and a more positive political outlook for the crypto sector have contributed to the bullish sentiment, despite recent volatility and concerns over Mt. Gox repayments.

XBTO has already helped issue two debt tokens for boutique airline BermudAir. The tokenization platform will soon offer an “e-note” for hemp and CBD producer AgroRef. 06:22 Philippines Taps Blockchain 04:56 BlackRock CEO Predicts Tokenization Is the Future of Markets 00:48 Tokenization on Public Blockchains Democratizes Access: Securitize CEO 07:08 Bitcoin Bounces Back Above $20K

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has emerged as a vocal advocate for Bitcoin. On CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street,” Fink articulated why investors should consider Bitcoin a key portfolio component.  Fink’s endorsement is noteworthy given BlackRock’s stature, managing over $10 trillion in assets. Why Larry Fink Believes in Bitcoin’s Potential During his CNBC appearance, Fink emphasized